April Fools (Subject to Change) by simman - 09:30 PM (PDT) on 03/31/13

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What happens when you try to scam us by electron - 07:32 PM (PST) on 03/02/13

Scammer calls polandchan offices. We decided to call him back.

Hilarity ensues.

We set up a VM and virused the hell out of it so he could "fix" it.

Be careful guys, your neighborhood may be experiencing a virus attack!

tl;dw we wasted 35 minutes of a scammer's time and asked him to do a barrel roll

Featuring: Electron, Simman, Seijin, Zosh, Tensai, and some random indian guy

I feel retarded by electron - 11:26 AM (PST) on 02/28/13

mfw I forgot the admin password to the board

just goes to show how little I care about all of you.

Home alone after trip to Florida by simman - 05:47 PM (PST) on 12/21/12

It's ma negro by simman - 10:08 PM (PST) on 11/06/12


Yep by electron - 03:28 PM (PDT) on 08/01/11

Now we have so much more room for activites!